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The Procedure

Your Local Solution To Hair Loss.

A hair transplant moves hair to an area of the scalp that is thin or bald. It can be an effective procedure for those who have lost hair and have already tried other hair loss treatments.

The hair transplant technique available at Marlborough Clinic Belfast is called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE is a minimally invasive treatment (no cutting of a strip) and is carried out under local anaesthetic.

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Is a hair transplant painful?

Hair transplants are not painful for most people as local anaesthetic is applied to the head beforehand. Local anaesthesia is given via injection, and this may cause a slight sting and some discomfort. Mild irritation and tightness/swelling of the head can occur after the surgery, alongside both scabbing and itching in the donor and recipient site, but this is usually only temporary and pain relief medication can be taken.

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RQIA Approved Hair Transplant Clinic In Belfast

Who is a Suitable Candidate For FUE Transplant?

Men with Androgenic Alopecia - Commonly referred to as male pattern baldness.

Clinical Consultation

FUE Procedure



Step 1: Consultation - Engage in a thorough, no-obligation clinical consultation with our hair transplant surgeon to understand your needs and evaluate your hair restoration options.

Step 2: Personalised Treatment Plan - Receive a tailored, written treatment plan and estimate, crafted to address your specific hair loss pattern and aesthetic goals.

Step 3: Hair-Restoration Surgery - Undergo a FUE hair transplant procedure, ensuring optimal density and natural-looking results.

Step 4: Post-Procedure Care - Benefit from accessible post procedure support and guidance from our dedicated team.

RQIA Approved

Will I need to book time off work?

You are advised to book several days off work immediately after the procedure to recover smoothly and avoid complications, this also allows for swelling to minimise. This is particularly important for those in intense manual labouring jobs, as heavy lifting causes blood to flow to the scalp and this can affect the hair grafts.

How long will it take to see results?

It is important to note that a shedding phase occurs whereby newly transplanted hairs fall out of the head anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Hairs will first start appearing around 2-4 months after the procedure although they may be of a thin appearance. Most people start seeing their desired results after around 12 months of growth, but the entire growth process can take up to 18 months for the full outcome.

What should I avoid right after my transplant?

It is crucial to follow the post operative advice and take all medication provided after the procedure to maximise the likelihood of a successful transplant.

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Low Maintenance

Women with Thinning Hair - Diffuse thinning or patterned hair loss in women.

Those Seeking Minimal Scarring - Suitable for users who wish to avoid the lineal scar from the FUT method.

Why Choose Marlborough Clinic Belfast?

Committed to exclusively treating one patient per day.

GMC registered hair transplant surgeon.

Your Local Hair Transplant Destination

Local, independently owned, established reputation here in Belfast. 

Personalised solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Dedicated support from initial consultation, procedure and post-operative care.


Our FUE prices vary depending on a number of factors including extent of hair loss, the number of grafts and complexity.

As an indication our prices range from £3,000-£10,000. Due to the price being dependant on multiple individual factors, it is naturally different for every person. In order to accurately determine the number of grafts a clinical consultation will be required. A bespoke written treatment plan and estimate is prepared following your clinical consultation with our hair transplant surgeon which costs £150.

Can I get Hair Transplant Surgery on finance at Marlborough Clinic Belfast? 

At Marlborough Clinic Belfast we understand that Hair Transplant Surgery is an investment. We have partnered with Tabeo to offer a flexible and reliable means of financing our treatments here. Tabeo may also act as a credit broker and servicer, meaning that your loan will be written and managed entirely through Tabeo.

To be eligible for financing, you’ll need to have a suitable term and credit profile. The finance decision will ultimately be made by the finance company. Tabeo will only introduce you to one suitable lender.  

How long does it take to apply for finance with Tabeo? 

It only takes 2 minutes to apply, and you’ll get an answer straight away. Applying for a loan has never been easier, and it will not affect your credit score. If you’re interested in getting a hair transplant on finance, you can discuss this with one of our Welcome Team.

Finance allows patients to spread the cost of the procedure, but it is important to check that you can afford the repayments. For further information, please 
Click Here. 

How much will my Hair Transplant Surgery cost on finance?

Our hair transplant prices start from £3,000 for FUE, but the actual cost of your hair transplant will depend on your specific needs. To determine the cost of your treatment you will require a clinical consultation with our Hair Transplant Surgeon which costs £150. At this informative clinical consultation Dr McCleery will assess your suitability for FUE Hair Transplant Surgery and a written estimate is provided as part of this consultation.

Finance Options

Local Vs Overseas

"Highly recommended. Recently had hair transplant with Andrew who along with his team were very professional. Detailed info about procedure was provided in advance and any questions I had answered so I knew exactly what to expect before during and after procedure. Excellent! Staff at reception friendly/helpful also."

Peter Ward

"Dr McCleery did my hair transplant procedure (FUE). He was very gentle and was checking on me from time to time during the procedure to make sure I was okay. 

The process was very smooth and the staff were very friendly. He gave me post-transplant aftercare to ensure my scalp heals properly. He is easy to access when I had queries about on how to look after my new transplanted hair. I highly recommend him and his team! The clinic itself was very clean and tidy."

Clyde Ramos

Stephen Shaw

"I had been interested in getting a hair transplant for the past few years. After researching the procedure, I decided I wanted to attend a clinic in Northern Ireland. Dr McCleery took my consultation, and he was very knowledgeable and informative. The process was thoroughly explained, and he was willing to answer any questions I had. Once I decided to proceed with the treatment it was straightforward and fast. My recovery has been smooth, and I am delighted with my results so far. The clinical team were friendly and helpful, and ensured I was comfortable throughout. The practice facilities were spotless. I would certainly recommend Marlborough Clinic Belfast and Dr McCleery to anyone thinking of getting a hair transplant."

This is a complimentary non-clinical consultation.

What are the potential side effects?

Although rare, there are numerous potential side effects of a hair transplant, including pain and discomfort, bleeding, infection, itchiness, visible scars and limited growth.

1 Day Procedure

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Dr. Andrew McCleery

Hair Transplant Surgeon



Andrew graduated with a Medical Degree from Queen’s University Belfast in 1998 and as a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2004.

His areas of practice include General Practice and Hair Transplant surgery. Andrew is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, the British Medical Association and the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners.

With over 25 years of experience as a medical practitioner, he has remained committed to further education including training post graduate doctors. He has over a decade of experience in aesthetics which has allowed for a seamless transfer to his work in hair transplant surgery. He subsequently completed his training in Follicular Unit Extraction in Italy and London.

Andrew now combines his medical experience and aesthetic sensibilities to help individuals who are experiencing the challenges of hair loss. He is dedicated to exclusively treating one patient per day at our RQIA approved hair transplant clinic.

Aftercare For Hair Transplant 


Each patient at Marlborough Clinic Belfast receives a comprehensive aftercare package, which includes guidelines on maintaining the health of your newly transplanted hair. 

 Dr McCleery reviews his patients at intervals post procedure and all post operative care provided by the team is at no extra cost.

Additionally, the aftercare pack includes products to support the recovery process. In addition, our team is available to answer any post-operative queries.

"My gradual hair loss had become more noticeable and I was keen to explore solutions but had decided I did not want to travel abroad. Whilst researching options for having the treatment completed in Northern Ireland I found Marlborough Clinic Belfast. I could have my consultation and hair transplant procedure completed at this clinic in Belfast. No travel outside of Northern Ireland required.  When I contacted the practice I understood it is an RQIA approved clinic for hair transplant treatment and they only carry out one hair transplant per day. I have recently had my FUE hair transplant completed by Dr McCleery. Each step of the process was clearly explained to me and any questions I had were answered. The procedure itself lasted most of the day and I was kept comfortable throughout. The team were both professional and attentive and made me feel at ease. I am looking forward to seeing the results over the upcoming months. I would highly recommend Dr McCleery and the team at Marlborough Clinic Belfast for anyone considering a hair transplant."

Robert Smith

RQIA approved clinic for hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Clinic

1 Marlborough Park



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Finance Available For Hair Transplants

Finance Available For Hair Transplants